Board of Directors

Executive Board

Regional CommissionerAldo Mascheronirc88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Asst. Regional CommissionerAramazd Davidianarc1 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Asst. Regional CommissionerRoss Paulsonarc2 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
CVPAScott Nordcvpa [at] ayso88 [dot] org
TreasurerDavid Sagheriant88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Assistant TreasurerTroy Sheent88b [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Coach AdministratorJeff Pattersoncoach88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Referee AdministratorFrank Bagheriref88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
PurchaserWalter Larreynagapurchaser [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Policy DirectorBob DeRosapolicy88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Risk Management/Safety DirectorDavid Lanssafety88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
SecretaryCraig Dunkinsec88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org

VIP Program

VIP Program CoordinatorTom Reganvip88 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
VIP Program Co-CoordinatorKathy Leonvip88a [at] ayso88 [dot] org

Boys Program

U4 Program CoordinatorLeigh Helbergu4 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U19 Boys CoordinatorRichard Begianb19 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U16 Boys CoordinatorTom Reganb16 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U14 Boys CoordinatorSerge Grakasianb14 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U12 Boys CoordinatorPeter Pravikoffb12 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U10 Boys CoordinatorRob Duryeeb10 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U8 Division CoordinatorChris Barnesb8 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U6 Division CoordinatorJillian Mascheronib6 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U5 Division CoordinatorMike Taixb5 [at] ayso88 [dot] org

Girls Program

U19 Girls CoordinatorBrian Leong19 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U16 Girls CoordinatorHenrik Thamasiang16 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U14 Girls CoordinatorGary Barseghiang14 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U12 Girls CoordinatorJim DeRocheg12 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
U10 Girls CoordinatorShawn Migliacciog10 [at] ayso88 [dot] org

Administrative Staff

YDP CoordinatorLeonard Manoukianydp [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Postseason CoordinatorVartan Ghermezianpostseason [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Tournament LiaisonRobert Paradatournament [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Permits CoordinatorKim Arnstpermits [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Game Field CoordinatorWilliam Kaufmannfields [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Game SchedulerAramazd Davidiangamescheduler [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Practice Field CoordinatorCraig Dunkinpracticefield [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Picture, Trophy & Yearbook CoordinatorKurt Weissmullerpicture [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Picture Day Co-CoordinatorChip Cutlerpictureday [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Public Relations CoordinatorBrian Leonpr [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Assistant Coach AdministratorNeville Pereiracoach88b [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Assistant Coach AdministratorIain Blackwoodcoach88c [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Coach Equipment CoordinatorLeigh Helbergcoachequipment [at] ayso8 [dot] org
Huff & Puff CoordinatorMohammed Elzanatyhuffpuff [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Procedures CoordinatorShawn Migliaccioprocedures [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Discipline CoordinatorAra Oshagandiscipline [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Coach InstructorAndrew Haigcoachinstructor [at] ayso88 [dot] org
RegistrarTom Reganregistrar [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Soccer Camps CoordinatorMark Tharpcamps [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Sponsorship CoordinatorRon Kochsponsors [at] ayso88 [dot] org
AuditorJosh Rheeauditor [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Player DelegateBrett Dunkindelegate [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Hall of Fame CoordinatorMark Garsciahof [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Medical Release Forms CoordinatorCarolyn Sionplayerforms [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Website CoordinatorArmen Cazianwebcoordinator [at] ayso88 [dot] org

Referee Staff

Assistant Director of Referee AssessmentChuy Acostarefassessment2 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Director of Referee AssissmentAlfred Abkarianrefa1 [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Referee SchedulerVartan Ghermezianrefscheduler [at] ayso88 [dot] org
Referee Uniform & Equipment CoordinatorHarvey Goldhammerrefequipment [at] ayso88 [dot] org
PRO Referee CoordinatorRobert Paradaprorefs [at] ayso88 [dot] org

Region Advisors

Region AdvisorHarry Hannessianadvisor1 [at] ayso88 [dot] org

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