Boys U14 All-Stars Win Area, Section and California State Championships

History Has Been Made!

Area Champs

Glendale U14 Boys Sectional All-Star team started its season in January of 2009. The first step was the AREA 1-C Championship games. After several outstanding performances, and an unbeaten record, the team reached the play-offs. In the semi-final game, our boys dominated the match and beat South Pasadena 5-0. The fight for first place with Alhambra showed the team’s endurance and ability to pull off a solid 6-0 win which resulted in finishing in first place, winning the AREA 1-C Championship, and qualifying to compete in the SECTION 1 tournament in Riverside.

Section Champs

In their first game of the tournament, the team dominated play against North Redondo Beach team and won 3-1. The team defeated their next two opponents, Culver City and Chino, by scores of 1-0 and 5-0, respectively. Both victories were the product of team effort and consistent play as the Glendale team dominated the time of possession and controlled the pace of the game. The three victories earned the team necessary points to win its pool and qualify for the semi-final round of play.

The Glendale team rallied the next day to defeat a determined Redondo Beach team 3-2 and advance to the final round for the championship. In the final match for the championship Glendale played against a highly skilled team from Walnut. The Glendale All-Star team continued its unbeaten record and was able to hold on to a 2-1 victory, take the SECTION 1 Champion title, and qualify to participate in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in Davis, California.

The team also obtained the maximum score for sportsmanship in the process of winning the championship. It is a real credit to the coaches, parents, and players.

State Champs

On March 29, the team competed in California State Championship in Davis, California. Four teams representing four sections covering, California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon were participating in the Championship tournament.

In the semi finals, our boys dominated the game. Strong gusty winds made it difficult for both teams to display their usual play, however, our boys came out stronger and at half-time they held on to a 2-1 lead. In the second half our team controlled possession and ended the game by beating their opponent, Balboa, 5-2 and advanced to the finals.

The final game was the ultimate display of skillful and disciplined soccer. Despite the gusty winds, the Glendale team was able to show one more time why it was the best team. Their determination to win while adhering to the principals of sportsmanship and fair play was commendable. They won the Championship game by beating San Luis Obispo 4-0. They did it with a strong desire to capture the first place and ending their phenomenal season unbeaten with a record of 15-0-0, scoring 61 goals and allowing only 10.

Players on the Glendale All Star team include: Cole Rademacher, Matthew Ryan, Nareg Ghazikhanian, Rani Dimashki, Aaron Guiterrez, Russell Carpenter, Pablo Sotillo, Nicholas Parent, Allen Grakasian, Uriel Orellana, Graham Miketta, Andrew Friedman, Luis Lopez, Pablo Hernandez and Aris Yeghizaryan.

Coach: Serge Grakasian
Assisstant Coaches: Jeff Parent, Tony Friedman
Team Coordinator: Dorothy Ryan

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City of Glendale City Council Commendation

See City Council Recognition to the team on May 26th (Go to 33:15 to 40:50 of the clip)

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