Candid Photo Submission Form

Please use this form to submit candid photos to be included in the AYSO Region 88 Yearbook.

By submitting a photo you acknowledge that you own the image and that your give permission for the the photo to be used in the AYSO Region 88 Yearbook.

Please keep the following in mind.

  • Photos must be AYSO Region 88 related.
  • Photos must be near professional quality. We love those high speed close up photos. Please do not submit blurry or cut off photos.
  • Only submit one or two photos of a single player. Submitting dozens of photos of a player will take too much time to review. Send us the best of the best only.
  • All photos must be in HIGH RESOLUTION and in jpg format.
  • Photos must contain the division in its name, B10XXXX.jpg, G14XXXX.jpg
  • Select your first photo
  • Select your second photo
  • Select your third photo
  • Select your fourth photo
  • Select your fifth photo

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