Heading the ball restriction

Safety Fist

Why did the referee stop the game because of a header? Please read new rule to be implemented in divisions U12 and below. Read more »

Fall registration


Please email rc88@ayso88.org if you are still interested in registering for Fall season or if you have any questions. Right now this is the only option available to all Region 88 players. Read more »



AYSO Region 88 is an all-volunteer organization. The volunteers within this Region are committed to creating a well-run, child-first environment so the children that participate may play soccer, meet friends, and grow into healthy, confident adults.  Every facet of what we do has “what’s good for the kids” at its core.  We volunteer to serve the children, your children. Read more »

Safe Haven clinic


A Safe Haven certification is a requirement for every AYSO volunteer and the class only needs to be attended once. No one is allowed to help at AYSO practices or games without this certification. Also, starting this season, all team coordinators will have to attend this course. If you are interested in attending a local clinic in or near our region, please: Apply as a volunteer at www.eayso.org Email rc88@ayso88.org Sign-up instructions will be sent to you. Read more »