Region Coach Administrator: Jeff Patterson

Coaching Guidelines

    Huff & Puff

    Parents, coaches, referees and friends of AYSO:

    If you’re interested in playing a pick-up game of soccer, where no experience is necessary, and no long term commitment to a league, then we encourage you to join us on Sundays, at the Glendale Sports Complex (off of Fern and Verdugo), Field #4 from 8:00 – 10:00 pmContinue reading →

    All Stars 2017 Information

    Teams play a league schedule in January and February each year with the eventual winners advancing to the Section Tournament held in March.

    Link to Area 1C website which includes latest schedules and maps to the fields.

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    Insurance and Incident Reporting

    For SAI insurance and incident reporting and information

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    Safety & Safety Policies

    For Concussion, Heat and Lightning policies and information

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    Game Score Standards

    Coaches should take measures to avoid running up the score of a game. In situations where one team does take a substantial lead over the other team, the following actions should be taken.

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    Heading the ball restriction

    AYSO has passed a change to it’s rules and regulations related to heading in accordance with the U.S. Soccer Federation’s (USSF) Return 2 Recover program. The new rule bans heading for all U-11 and below division players. If an AYSO program doesn’t have single age divisions, heading is banned for U-12 and below. Continue reading →


    AYSO Region 88 is an all-volunteer organization. The volunteers within this Region are committed to creating a well-run, child-first environment so the children that participate may play soccer, meet friends, and grow into healthy, confident adults.  Every facet of what we do has “what’s good for the kids” at its core.  We volunteer to serve the children, your children.

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    Safe Haven clinic

    A Safe Haven certification is a requirement for every AYSO volunteer and the class only needs to be attended once. No one is allowed to help at AYSO practices or games without this certification. Also, starting this season, all team coordinators will have to attend this course.
    If you are interested in attending a local clinic in or near our region, please:

    Sign-up instructions will be sent to you.

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    Ready to Coach?

    Each coach has to fulfill a few simple requirements to be able to coach in Region 88.

    Make sure to review the coaching requirements for the division you are coaching, attend an clinic, and go to eAYSO fill out a Volunteer Form.

    Note that this also applies to all Assistant Coaches in the Under 8 division and older.

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    Additional Information & Links

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