Coaching Requirements

So you’ve been talked into coaching your child’s team, huh? Usually, the next question is: “Now what do I do?”

Children need different training at the different age groups. To help all our coaches feel confident in their practice sessions and games, AYSO has developed different programs to help coaches learn how to teach soccer to children at the different ages. The basic understanding of the AYSO program is taught through the following mandatory courses. There are 4 main requirements (coaching skills, referee basics, safety and a volunteer form) which vary at the different age levels.

Please Choose The Level You Are Coaching

Under-5 Coaches (U-5)
Under-6 Coaches (U-6)
Under-8 Coaches (U-8)
Under-10 Coaches (U-10)
Under-12 Coaches (U-12)
Under-14 Coaches (U-14)
Under-16/19 Coaches (U-16/U-19)

Volunteer Form

Everyone, regardless of division, must have fully completed a Volunteer Form and returned it to:

Aldo Mascheroni
3333 Mills Ave.
La Crescenta, CA 91214

Additional Area C Referee Courses

If you cannot attend the Region 88 courses, see the Area C Referee site for additional courses.

Other Training Opportunities

Besides the AYSO program, there are many different other opportunities for coaches to learn as much as they want about teaching soccer (see practice sessions for ideas and some good links, or just surf through the internet). Also, for beginning coaches, read up on some of the coaching corner articles on the Coaches page. These articles will give you some quick insights as you start your season.

Something To Think About

See What You Say… What Children Hear .

Safe Haven Note

To protect our volunteers and our childen, Safe Haven is a mandatory requirement for all Region 88 AYSO coaches, assisstant coaches, and referees. You must take the Safe Haven course before you can coach or referee this coming fall.


Good luck. If any questions, please e-mail us at .

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