Ideas for Training Sessions

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are “borrowed” from somebody else. There are hundreds of sites out there on the web. Below are some of the better ones for practice ideas.

All the “drills” (or exercises) don’t always work perfectly so remember to be flexible in how you set them up. Think about the skill level and age of your players. If things seem too difficult, open the space up more or slow the drill down. If it is too easy, give restrictions to your players, such as limited touch, smaller fields, time limits, weaker foot, etc.

Try not to have players stand in lines. Remember, that players will start getting antsy once they have to wait around. Keep the practices flowing. That means…HAVE A PRACTICE PLAN.

If you have any questions, or things just aren’t working out, feel free to e-mail us.

A Sampling of Sites

Fun Under 6 games
Simple games focused on dribbling & shooting
Skills Made in a Box(Ages 8-18)
A tiring, yet fun exercise that develops skills which stress change of pace and direction.
Glasgow Shuffle (Ages 8-18)
A fun exercise that develops specific skills at speed with conditioning
Practice Plans(a good start)
Footy Skills(Under 8-10)
Sample practice sessions for 8 weeks
Moving with the ball(Under 5-6)
(web page ) ( pdf file )
Dribbling Skills(under 8 )
Sample beginning dribbling practice session
US Soccer Region IV (Ages 5-8)
More fun games for u6 and u8
Many drills and ideas
BetterSoccer More Fun
Based on Dutch development. More philosophy than drills.
Good Coaching sites to download plans(all age groups)
Soccer Coaching Dowloads
Footy 4 Kids(Ages 5-18)
A great site from the perspective of a youth soccer coach in England.

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