Skills Made in a Box

A tiring, but fun skill enhancement exercise which stresses change of speed and direction, as well as some conditioning. (Ages 6-18)

Equipment Needed Organization Coaching Tips
-Ball for half of the players

-40 x 35 yard rectangle

(about 5-8 yards per player depending on fitness and level)


-Split players in half. (1/2 inside the square without a ball, 1/2 split along the perimeter evenly each with a ball at their feet)

-On go, players on inside sprint to a server on the outside, yell “feet” as they ask for the ball to their feet, and then 1-touch the ball back to the server.

-They imediately turn and sprint AWAY from that player, look up to find another player on the outside waiting to give a pass.

-This continues for 1 minute.

-Players count their touches and do push-ups depending on the difference in touches.( ie. most touches was 30, least was 20, so player with 20 does 10 push-ups) Winner never does push-ups.

-Each time switch player outside and inside.

-Make sure players focus completely on their touch. Don’t let them get lazy.

-Direct servers not to pass the ball if inside player is closer than 5 yards or does not yell for the ball.

-Make sure passes are on the ground.

-Make sure players count their touches. If they don’t, give them 0 touches.

-Players need to play at full speed.

-Players will tend to go in a big circle. Don’t let this happen. Continue to stress the turn, sprint away, and looking for waiting player.

More touches

2-touch (inside player has to touch ball once and then pass back) Make sure player pushed the 1st touch to the side away from and imaginary pressure.

Heading (inside player either gets high and heads the ball low back to the server, or does a diving header back to server)

Thigh or chest (inside player traps on thigh or chest and passes back). Try to have the player “push” the ball to one side before passing back..on ground.

Juggling (inside player heads it or juggles it 2-3 times before passing back..on ground)

Dribbling ( Have inside players have a ball each and outside players don’t. On go, have dribblers look for an server without a ball, pass the ball more than 5 yards and get the ball right back 1-touch. Count only if successful pass back.)

Coach: Stress changing direction, speed and looking up.

– Try with a wall -pass.

Add inside pressure

Try any of the above but have each player on the inside have a partner which tries to defend the 1st player from getting a touch. After one minute, switch attacker and defender.

– For dribbling, if attacking player loses ball, defender lets him get ball back to start again.

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