The Glasgow Shuffle

A fun skill enhancement exercise which stresses repetition at speed, as well as some conditioning.

Equipment Needed Organization Coaching Tips
-Ball for half of the players-10-20 cones

( two sets of 5 cones placed about 2 feet apart)


-Split players in half. (18 total for this example)-First group (1-9 above) line up with soccer balls at feet diagonally about 8-10 yards apart (total of about 40-50 yards) and 10-15 yard across.

-Second group players hop over 1st set of cones on one foot, then sprint to 1, who gives a pass. Players must one-touch back, turn quickly, sprint to 2 and repeat. Pass from server should be just as player turns, so pass is about 5-8 yards long.

-Repeat all the way through. After 9, players then small sidesteps through 2nd set of cones as fast as he can.

-player jogs back to start and begins next set.

-Does 5 various versions below and then switch players

-Switch and repeat about 4-5 times.

-Stress speed, but focus on perfect execution of skill-Have 2nd player start after 1st player gets through 1st set of cones.

– Keep on players tomaintain focus even when starting to slow down

-Be creative in what you do.

Jumps (1st or 3rd set of cones)one foot, two feet together, side-to-side,high jumps-knees straight, backward, high jump-head away, etc

With server (1-9) served with either feet or hands

1-touch, 2-touch, jump high-head low, chest & pass back, juggle on head twice and pass back, 1-touch and roll, 1-touch and 360 turn, juggle on thigh twice and pass back, volley back with laces, outside of foot pass back, etc.

Steps (1st or 3rd set of cones)

side-to-side quick small steps, knee highs, each foot far to the side over cone, side-to-side quick steps backward, etc.

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