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Do we have to go to the opening ceremony?

In a word..YES.

No matter how many times you have been before, we strongly encourage ALL coaches and players to attend the Opening Ceremonies. It shows the strength of our soccer community, and is the one time our entire soccer family can be together to have one big party. It is extremely disapppointing to some players and families when only a few players show up for their team.

What is the ID card?

To help keep the sidelines in order, we require that ONLY the team coaches (and their players) are allowed in the coaches box. This year, coaches and assistant coaches in u10-u14 must wear an official Region 88 Coach ID card.

Once a coach fulfills all his coaching requirements, he or she will be sent an official ID card in the mail. Each coach will be also given a lanyard before the season begins, to hold the card.

What does the coach need to do for the team zone?

The username and passwords will be sent in mid-August. When you receive your account, please try to update your Team Info right away. (Team Zone Instructions for Coaches) . If you did not receive an account, please see the Team Zone FAQ list.

In the Team Zone area, for your unique team, each coach will be able to:

  1. Edit your team information, such as team name, colors, contact info, etc.
  2. Editing your parent's email list NEED THIS TO CREATE THE SNACKLIST
  3. Create a Snacklist for your team's schedule
  4. Print a Team Schedule
  5. Add a "News Item" to your Team web page
  6. Add a "Game Summary" to your Team web page
  7. Delete a News Item or Game Summary
  8. SCORELINE : Easily send in game scores

What if I did not receive my coach's shirt, badge or need some field equipment?

Please email your Division Coordinator with what you need, and they will contact the Purchasing Coordinator. Do not contact the Purchasing Coordinator directly.

Do we have to have a team banner?

Region 88 strongly recommends that all teams have a banner to show off during the opening parade and throughout the season.

Do Asst. Coaches need to submit a volunteer form and go to the Safe Haven and other clinics?

Yes, they need to fulfill the same requirments as the Head Coach. See Coaching requirements.

I sent in my scores to Scoreline, but don't see the updates in the team zone. Why not?

If you do not set it up by the Wedensday after your game, please contact your Division Coordinator. They update the scores when they receive score confirmation from both coaches.

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