We forgot to signup, what do we do?

Yes, it is possible, depending on the numbers we have already signed up for each division. Please see the Registration page.

What are my options if my child is put on a Waiting List?

First of all, make sure you pre-register. See the Registration Page.

If you had to register late, you will then be notified where your child stands on the Waiting List. Many times, players drop out and your child will be added to a team. There are also other regions nearby if there is no space in Region 88.

Why do we need to sign up so early?

Here are just a few of the reasons signups are held in the spring.

  • So as many players who want to, can play. Other regions wait until summer to start registration, and many players are not able to sign up in time.
  • So we can secure field permits for practices and games. We compete with other groups for fields, so need to secure the permits months ahead of time.
  • So multiple clinics can be scheduled and coaches and referees can be certified.
  • So we purchase enough uniforms and other equipment.
  • So new players can be evaulated and balanced teams formed.
  • So we set up a schedule as soon as we can.

We found out we cannot play this season. How do I get a refund?

Please see the Refunds page.

To ensure balanced teams, no refund will be given after July 1.

What age group will my player be in this year?

Under-5 4 8/1/09 thru 7/31/10
Under-6 5 8/1/08 thru 7/31/09
Under-8 6-7 8/1/06 thru 7/31/08
Under-10 8-9 8/1/04 thru 7/31/06
Under-12 10-11 8/1/02 thru 7/31/04
Under-14 12-13 8/1/00 thru 7/31/02
Under-16 14-15 8/1/98 thru 7/31/00
Under-19 16-17-18 8/1/95 thru 7/31/98

How much is registration?

Before April 19 the fee is $100 for each player. After April 19, the fee is $120 per player (no exceptions). The fee covers uniform, pictures, trophy and yearbook (provided the team supplies a sponsor).

What is online pre-registration?

The online pre-registration system, e-AYSO, is set up by AYSO National and allows you to pre-register your children online for Region 88. This dramatically speeds up the Walk-Up Registration process and will help alleviate mistakes found in the handwritten forms.

What's the difference between "Pre-register" and "Register"?

There is 2-step process to allow your child to play in the upcoming season.

  1. Pre-registration is sort of like a waiting list for the next upcoming season. It gets you in the online system. Every player must pre-register online using the e-AYSO website.
  2. Registration is the official acceptance to the upcoming season. This is usually completed at the walk-up registration (or late registration process) where you turn in your printed pre-registration forms and pay the season fees.

How do I know if I pre-registered correctly and you have my information?

If you pre-registered correctly, we will have your information. If you are not sure, go to the e-AYSO website, log-in with your user-name and password, click on "Player" and you will see your child's name. If you do not see your child's name, your pre-regisatration is not complete and you need to make sure you pre-register correctly.

What do the fees cover?

The fees cover a uniform - jersey, shorts and socks - you must buy shinguards and shoes (sneakers OK but cleats are preferred). The fee also includes team and individual photos, buttons, trophies and a yearbook, PROVIDED the team supplies a sponsor which will help pay for other region costs.

Are there multiple player discounts?

No. The administrative costs per player do not decrease with additional players from a family.

When will we be notified about the team my child is on?

Team assignments will be notified by August. Contact your Division Coordinator ONLY AFTER SEPTEMBER 1 if you have not received a phone call from a coach.

When a coach does call you, please record the name and phone number of your coach and division coordinator. Coaches cannot change a player's team assignments and they cannot add players to their teams. (Violation of this rule will result in immediate removal from any involvement in our soccer program.) We reserve the right to adjust teams to maintain team balance.

When does the regular season begin and end?

The season for U6, U8, U16 and U19 runs from August to November.

The season for U10, U12 and U14 runs from August to December.

The season for U5 runs from September to November.

What time will my child practice?

Although practices may vary, expect your child to practice at the following times.

NOTE: In the Under-6 and Under-8 divisions, practices usually begin at 4:30 pm. Also, a parent (not a brother or sister) is required to stay at practice, so if you cannot stay with your child at this time, you may want to reconsider registering this year.

Likely Practice Times
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Practice combined
with games on Saturdays

Will my two children be on the same team?

Yes, if they are in the same division. Sometimes a parent may decide that it is not a good idea for their children to play together, which will also be honored whenever possible. Please e-mail the Registrar if you would like to request these arrangements.

Can my child be on a team with his/her best friend?

NO. To make teams as balanced as possible, Region 88 builds teams through a balanced draft. Only exception is in the Under 5 and 6 divisions, when reasonable.

I would like my child to play, but honestly cannot afford the program. What can I do?

Our region wants to make sure to that every child who wants to play... can. Please direct this situation directly to the Registrar.

I'll be attending high school in September. What AYSO division do I play in?

In the rare case where the player falls in the Under-14 division, but will be attending high school, Region 88 strongly recommends that your child play up in the Under-16 Division. Any exceptions must be made directly to the Region Commissioner.

Why? CIF ("high school") rules do not allow a player to play on both a high school team and a AYSO or club team at the same time. The Under-16 division ends before the high school season starts so there is no conflict. However, in the Under-14 division, the high school season overlaps with the end of the Under-14 season and its playoffs. According to CIF rules, if a player makes the high school team, the player is not allowed to play on an AYSO team anymore, and the AYSO team will lose one of its players, and create an imbalance in the teams, thus violating one of the AYSO tenants. For the player, violations of this rule could result in a forfeiture of high school games and cause a player to be ineligible for high school play.

This is specifically why the Under-16 and Under-19 season must end just as the high school season begins.

Can my child move up to the next higher division (next lower division)?

Besides the Under-14/high school rule stated elsewhere in these FAQs, Region 88 builds divisions by birth date as shown above. On very rare occasions, it may be acceptable to move a player to a different division based on special needs. Formal requests, however, must be made directly to the Region Commissioner.

Kids seem to be playing soccer all the time. When is the real season?

The Fall Season, which is the AYSO regular season, runs between September and November. Practices can start in August and playoffs may run into December. Region 88 Champions may play in January and February against other cities.

An All-Star and Winter Season runs in January and February and a Spring Season may run in April and May. Some teams even have tournament teams which play throughout the summer. These all have different costs. Sign-ups are at a different time than the Fall Season registration.

Are there evaluation for new players?

Yes, in divisions u10, u12, u14, u16 and u19, ALL NEW players must be evaluated. That also includes any player from a different region outside Region 88. These are not try-outs as every registered player will be placed on a team.

When and where are the evaluations held?

If you are a new player, you will be notified of the locations of evaluations. These evaluations are usually held the Sunday prior and the Sunday after Father’s Day. Please check back on the website calendar during June and July.

Other Questions?

For other questions, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, our Parent FAQ page, and other page sof our web site. If a question has still not been answered, try to find the appropriate Board Member to answer the question, or please e-mail our Webmaster and the question will be directed to the correct person.

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