Please email if you are still interested in registering for Fall season or if you have any questions.

After April 16, Registration Fee will be $120 (no exceptions)

We will not be able to register players who are not preregistered at eayso prior to either registration event (e-signature is required).

Additional Notes:

  • A player’s division is determined by the player’s age on July 31, 2016 (Under 5 players must be 4 years old by September 10, 2016)
  • New players will be required to provide proof of birth date.
  • Please bring ONE signed copy of your child’s registration form (forms can be printed at registration for a $5 fee).
  • Please bring used uniforms to donate to developing soccer programs.
  • Please bring used cleats to exchange for other cleats.

Because of the expected large number of sign-ups and due to the shortage of coaches in some divisions, Region 88 may be forced to limit the number of registrations for the upcoming season. Priority would be given to players whose families volunteer their time to our program.

Some requests will be honored in the Under 5 through Under 6 divisions, but no requests of any kind will be accepted in the Under 8 and older divisions.

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and Region 88 is always looking for people to step up and help in our effort to improve the program.

Registrations received after deadline will be considered late


Wait List

In an attempt to create BALANCED TEAMS & schedules, each division has a limited number of roster spots. Player(s) attempting to register in Full divisions will be placed on WAIT LIST. Player(s) on that list are NOT necessarily guaranteed a roster spot and ONLY as space becomes available (first come, first served) will they be notified and placed on a team. Coaches are NOT authorized to accept player(s), On-Time or Late Registrations, without the Regional Commissioner or Regional Registrar’s approval.

Parental requests on the registration forms are NOT guaranteed

We try our best to honor requests in the Under 5 and Under 6 divisions while weighing all the factors that have to be managed and balanced in team assignments for over 3600 kids. Because AYSO is a balanced league, we do not take team/friend requests in the Under 8 and older divisions. We will not accommodate requests to be placed on specific teams or with specific players.

Balanced Teams

Because team balance is a core AYSO principle, Team Assignments are FINAL (no last minute changes can be made).

Refund Policy

All requests for a refund must be submitted in writing (email). Last day to request a refund is July 1.

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