Clarification of Law 11 (Offside)

Regarding Law 11 (Offside), the wording of the Interpretation of the Laws of the Game and Guidelines has been amended to clarify the situation where a defending player leaves the field of play placing an attacking player in an offside position.

The new wording reads as follows: “Any defending player leaving the field of play for any reason without the referee’s permission shall be considered to be on his goal line or touchline for the purposes of offside until the next stoppage of play.”

Another item discussed at today’s meeting relates to kicks from the penalty mark. The procedure has been clarified regarding the players participating in kicks from the penalty mark if one team has a greater number of players than their opponent at the end of the match. In such a situation, the Laws of the Game now state that this team must reduce their numbers to equate with that of their opponent. In order to clarify further the process, the following wording has been added: “Any player so excluded may not participate in kicks from the penalty mark.”

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