Region 88 Photos Needed

For our Web Photo Gallery

AYSO Region 88 is not just about soccer. It is about people: coaches, parents, referees, volunteers and especially the children.

We are looking for some good photos to include in the Web Gallery of our region. We are looking for some good close-ups of coaches, referees, volunteers and players, preferably in some action shots, not just team photos. If you have any good photos or digital imagery, please let us know so we can show off our soccer family to the region as well as to family and friends around the globe.

We also need to respect the privacy and safety of our players, so please make sure that any picture you submit has approval from the persons in the photo. If any parent or guardian objects to having their child’s picture posted on this website, please e-mail the Region 88 Webmaster and the pictures will be removed immediately.

Please understand that all pictures may not be used.

Send all requests and imagery to the Region 88 Webmaster.

  1. Actual Photos: If you have an actual photo and would like it scanned in and put on the website, please contact us to arrange for delivery.
  2. Digital Images: The preferred method for delivery is to send digital images through e-mail, or you can put on a ftp site. Images for the web are usually not as large as those needed for a Yearbook, but here are some tips before sending:
  • Make the image resolution 72 dpi.
  • Convert to .jpg format.
  • Crop images to approximately 600×500 pixels.
  • Make sure the images are not over 1.5 MB. Larger files may not make it through email and take a very long time to display on screen.
  • Send only a few at a time to reduce impact on e-mail
  • To reduce the size, zip the files before sending

If any of this is unfamiliar to you, feel free to e-mail any questions to us.

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