As many of you know, it was obviously counterproductive to our philosophy of helping kids get healthier by playing sports only to have them eat cupcakes, donuts, and other junk food when they were done. So the “Healthy Athletes, Healthy Kids” program was born. We are proud of the steps we have already taken in the right direction with this program.

We are now in the in the process of working on a recycling program with the City of Glendale and other partners to help alleviate this growing problem.

See this vivid graphic of how using JUST ONE throw-away plastic bottle a game can impact our planet dramatically.

It is our belief that the use of reusable water bottles will serve a three-fold purpose.

  • Eliminate, or at least, reduce the desire or use of sports drinks. These drinks are packed with both sugar and salt and serve a very limited purpose, especially for younger kids. Water is the best drink a child can have before, duting, and after a game.
  • Reusable bottles will reduce the amount of trash we generate on a weekly basis and will not need to be discarded and fill up our landfills. While reusable bottles will not fix the problem, we want to keep moving in the right direction and this is definitely a step that way.
  • You’ll save money on all that extra water you’re borrowing!

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