Standings Explained

Questions always arise about how the teams standing are kept, as well as questions about scores. Here are some answers.

  1. How are the points kept?3 points for a Win, 1 point for a Tie, and 0 points for Loss.
  2. How are teams ranked if they have the same amount of points?On the web site standings, the tie-breaking criteria for ranking teams with equal points are as follows:
    1. Most Wins
    2. Least Goals Against
    3. Least Losses
    4. Coin Toss

    Playoff Tie Breakers

    1. Most Wins
    2. Least Goals Against
    3. Least Losses
    4. Coin Toss.
  3. Why the difference between the online standings and the playoff seedings?Due to the fact that sometimes all teams do not play each other, it is difficult to computer program head-to-head competition as a tie-breaker in the standings. However at the end of the season, when the playoff rankings are made, if two teams are tied and HAVE played each other, head-to-head competition will be the 2nd tie-breaker.

    If teams have NOT played each other, it will fall under the original web criteria above.

  4. Why aren’t Goals Scored used as a tie-breaker?Because some teams are much stronger than others, if goals scored was an incentive in the rankings, these strong teams could possibly run up the scores to improve their rank in the standings. As much as we want to promote offensive soccer, we do not want some teams humiliating other teams. So we are not going to use goals scored as a tie-breaker and we urge coaches to do what they can to make the games fun for the kids playing on BOTH teams.

    If you have any questions about the rankings, don’t bother asking. Each team will have at least one post-season game, and isn’t worth arguing over if you were 4th or 5th place. AYSO makes an extra-super-human effort not to favor any one team over another. What is important is that the kids get to play and have fun.

  5. I’m sure our score is wrong on the web site. What should I do?Because there are always two teams in a game, please direct all questions to your Division Coordinator. They will then verify the score and forward to the Scorekeeper, if different. Do not just send corrected scores to the Web Administrator or Scorekeeper as they have no idea if it should be corrected. That is the Division Coordinator’s role.
  6. It’s Wednesday. How come the scores aren’t up yet?Coaches should go to SCORELINE and put in their scores by Sunday night. If your scores are not up on the web site by Monday night, it is because we are still waiting for scores. Speak with your coach.

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