Team Meeting

The information below may assist you in organizing a team meeting which should be held within the first 2-3 weeks of August.

Meeting Location

DON”Ts: Crowded parks, restaurants and pizza places are very poor locations to try to get a lot of information out to parents and players. There are too many other distractions.
DO’s: Try to have the meeting in a quiet location such as somebody’s house or backyard. This is your first impression so you want to have everybody’s full attention.


Briefly Introduce yourself, players and parents
Prepare and pass around a draft roster for any corrections of name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.
TIP: If comfortable with email, try to get as many “working” email addreses from your parents to help with communication throughout the season, This saves on tons of phone calls.

AYSO Tenants

Breifly explain the 6 AYSO principles

Your Background

Explain your own philosophy of coaching.
TIP: In front of the families, try not to say this is your first time coaching. Don’t lie, but appear confident.


Provide a written statement of your expectations of players and parents, especially player conduct and sideline behavior by a parents

Code of Conduct Pledges

Briefly go through each section of the Code of Conduct Forms Explain the Kids Zone Pledges. Go through each section.
Explain Safe Haven

Stress how serious this is.
Pass out the forms and have families take them home, read them, sign them and bring back to next practice.

Team Help

Recruit help. Let parents know that each parent has to volunteer in some capacity.

Do not leave the meeting without getting volunteers for the following:

  • TEAM COORDINATOR: to be team parent to organize snack schedule, phone tree, team party, and odd & ends.
  • ASSISTANT COACH(s) : to help with coaching and possibly refereeing
  • TEAM REFEREE: to help as an assistant referee.

Other help

  • to help set up field when necessary.
  • to make/buy a team banner
  • to finalize team roster for first practice


Each team must have a sponsor befor the season starts. Let the parents know if one is not found, they will have to collect their own money. Sponsorship Info is on the website.

Practice & Game Schedules

Explain practice and game schedules and expectations. Note that the Team Zone on the region website will have all schedule and contact information up when available.

Season Events

Explain Special Events (Opening Day, Pictures)

Region 88 Website

Mention the Region 88 website ( as a great source of information.

Team Name

Have the players choose a team name. If you want, you can wait until the uniform colors are chosen in a few weeks.

Next Steps & Conclusion

Explain what they need to do next and don’t forget the thank you’d.

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