Tips for Team Coordinators

Team Coordinator Contact: Clara Martinez

Helping the Coach

(Note that the coach may do some of these tasks. Please coordinate with the coach.)

  • Stay organized (Sample 1st Team Meeting Agenda)
  • Player registration forms – Keep a copy for yourself in a binder and bring to every game. A team CANNOT practice or play a game without these forms present. Make two copies of the originals, 1 set for each of the following: Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Coordinator. Note: There MUST be original signatures on ALL sets, every copy.
  • Help with phone calls regarding practices, games, event dates, last minute changes, etc.
  • To help communicate, know which families look at email often and which families prefer a phone call. For last minute changes, use a phone-call.
  • Help pass out team uniforms and keep track of numbers for team roster.
  • Put together a roster of the players and distribute to the team. This could help with phone calling or last minute car-pooling. The coach will have the player information to create a roster.
  • Relay team and player information to the coach(es) and families.
  • Keep the parents informed and encourage them to check the website often, including the Parents FAQ’s and Region 88 News.
  • SNACK LIST: The snack list will be put in the schedule by the coach. You may want to send a reminder email to the designated family each week.
    • For haltime, the designated snack family for the week should bring enough sliced oranges (or a watery fruit) for each player on their team.
    • After a game, each parent should choose healthy snacks ( See and Game Snacks Ideas)
    • Each child should bring their own water to be available throughout the game. There is no need for the snack person to bring drinks for everybody. We also recommend to your parents to have the players bring their own thermos each week, so we don’t have to throw away so many water bottles each week.
  • Rainy days: the Region 88 Answering Machine at 957-AYSO will also have rainy day updates.

Team Zone

  • Direct parents to the Team Zone for the game schedule they can print out (schedule will be available after August 25th).
  • Team Info: Each team will have their own teampage. Your coach may give you access to update the information or add news items or game summaries to the team page.
  • Snack List: Your coach (or you) can add the snack list directly to he printable team schedule.

Kids Zone and Code of Conduct Pledges

  • Every Parent needs to sign these forms before the season begins.
  • Help the coach collect signed Kids Zone and Code of Conduct pledges from all the parents and players. Make sure you get one from the coaches, too.
  • Encourage the parents to wear the Kids Zone buttons.
  • When collected, Team Coordinator can send forms to:
    Carole Nedeff
    101 West Kenneth Road
    Glendale, CA 91202

Team Banner

This should be one of the first things you do because of the lead time. You can also designate another team parent to do this task. This is a must for the Opening Day Ceremony.

  • Option 1 – Make it yourself or recruit other team parents to help and enter the Online Banner Contest.
  • Option 2 – Have it made. The cost is usually around $50 to $120. Determine the total cost, divide the amount among the families evenly and collect the funds.


  • Each team is responsible for finding a sponsor before the season begins
  • Various Levels ($300-bronze, $400-silver or $500-gold) including new online visibility
  • For Under-5 Division teams, the cost is only $150 for bronze level, as they have less players per team.
  • If you cannot find a sponsor, you will need to collect the funds from each family
  • See sponsorship page for details, online form and where to send the check.

Picture Day

  • Remind the parents to bring the envelopes with them to Picture Day
  • Be early and tell the team to be ear as inevitably someone will be late
  • Make sure the kids are in full uniform
  • You can designate a spot for your team to meet
  • Bring your team banner if you want it in the photo
  • Help hand out the pictures after they are developed and given to the coach

End of Season – Team Party

  • Plan ahead, many teams may have their party on that day
  • Usually, but not required, purchase a gift for the manager and the coaches
  • Make sure the coach has picked up the trophies and yearbooks
  • Suggested venues: Shakeys, Fuddruckers, P & R Sports Cafe, etc.

Coaches Absence – Practice and/or Games

In the event that the coach is not available for a practice or game, the asst. coach(es) or another parent can take the responsibility over only if they have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Completed a volunteer application
  • Completed a Safe Haven clinic and signed the Code of Conduct forms
  • Have completed at least one of the coaching clinics offered by the Region
  • The player registration forms must also be present

Collecting Money

Generally you will need to collect a set amount from each player. The money can be used for the banner, or manager/coaches gifts etc. Either collect each time money is required or determine what you’ll need in total for the season, then notify each family of their share.

Team Coordinator Contact: Clara Martinez

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