U-16/U-19 Coaching Requirements

In order to be a coach (OR an assistant coach) for an Under-16 or Under-19 team, you must meet the following 4 training/certification requirements.

  • Coaching Requirement
    • Advanced Coaching certificate must be completed (or higher)  before your first team practice
  • Referee Requirement
    • Complete an Intermediate referee clinic before the first game of the season; or
    • If you are already an AYSO certified Intermediate (or higher) referee, attend a 1-2 hour update course, if offered. *
  • Safe Haven Requirement
    • Complete (or completed in a previous year) the 3-hour AYSO Coach Safe Haven course before the first team practice
  • Volunteer Form
    • Complete an “official” Volunteer form, and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator, before the first team practice. (Details).

Recommended Computer Knowledge

To help organize your team, read schedules, and have excellent communication with your team and the region:

  • Have a basic knowledge of email, Word, Excel, and the internet.
  • Ability to access email every day

* Completing the Regional referee clinic will satisfy the referee training requirements for coaching through the Under-14 level.

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