VIP Program Expectations for Teams and Players

Thank you for volunteering to help us out this year with our VIP program.  We have the largest number of players ever (about 68), so your help is greatly appreciated.  Although some of you have helped before, I wanted to make sure you know what to expect when you come to play.

Please have your players show up by 2:20 pm wearing their uniforms, cleats and shinguards.  I will meet with the teams and give directions and assign buddies to players and teams.  We have 4 different levels of play.  Our youngest, smallest players are the Gumballs.  Buddies may be assigned to a player or play as the opposing team.  It’s organized chaos, everyone scores, and is a lot of fun.  Gumballs start at 2:30 pm.  The other team that plays at 2:30 is the Fireballs.  It is a slightly higher level of play.  The buddies will serve as the opposing team.  Once again, pretty much every player scores. When Fireballs finishes about 3:10 pm, the Warheads play.  This is another step up in level of play.  The buddies again are the opposing team.  If I have enough help, I will try to split out team in half and play two simultaneous games.  We are heading towards 18-20 players on the two oldest teams, so the fields can get a bit crowded! When the Warheads are finished at about 3:45 pm, the Jawbreakers games begin.  These are our oldest, most experienced players, and again the buddies are the opposing team.  They generally split in half for two simultaneous games also.  Games should be finished by 4:45 pm.
(For November 2nd only, buddies will be done after the Warheads game, about 3:45.  The Jawbreakers will be playing a team from Montebello on that day.  You are welcome to stay and cheer them on.)

We ask teams to play to the level of their opponent.  That usually means playing a little easier (or a lot easier).  Each game will have a coach to help direct the players in what we need.  You can use the time to work on skills for your team as well:  passing, kicking with a non-dominant foot, etc.  The Gumballs and Fireballs always win.  Close games or ties are appreciated for the older teams.

I realize this is a huge time commitment and wanted to let you know ahead of time.  Some buddies may not be able to commit to the whole time.  Please let them know that we would appreciate any time they can give.  If we have at least 8 players per team for the Jawbreakers games, that would be great.  If it is going to be a problem, please let me know.

I will give this speech to your players on game day, but I want to emphasize how important their help is to making the VIP program successful.  They are not only allowing our players to play a game just like everyone else, but they are also allowing parents to sit on the sidelines and cheer, just like the parents of your players get to do.  If your players are looking at the joy both our players and parents get in the smallest things, they will have a memorable time.  If your players need community service hours, have them bring their forms and I will be happy to sign them.

Thank you again for volunteering.

Kathy Leon
VIP Coordinator

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